RBCap is a high performance, full featured Video Capture application designed
for Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 9x and Windows NT 4.0.

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RBCap sports the following features:

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You can minimize RBCap's desktop footprint by hiding
the Toolbar, Status Bar, Menu and Caption Line.

RBCap in the Task Bar
You can run RBCap from the Task Bar.


RBCap in the System Tray
You can save desktop space by running RBCap from
the System Tray, next to the Clock.


To use RBCap you need the following:

Check your Multimedia Control Panel to
verify the presence of a Video Capture device.

Multimedia Control Panel

Install/UnInstall Procedures:

Upgrade Procedure:

>Go to findmysoft.com

RBCSetup.exe is a limited Shareware version of RBCap.
It should be used to confirm compatibility with your hardware.

This shareware version will automatically close after every
7 minutes of use and some of its features are disabled.
A full featured version can be purchased for $15.

Click here to download RBCSetup.exe Download RBCSetup.exe
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Click here to purchase RBCap Register RBCap
Current version 4.1
Build Date 15-Jan-2001
Version History Click the applet at
the top of this page.
Developed with MS VC++ Web Page

RBCap requires the following Run-Time Libraries: These files are included in my Setup procedure.

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