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Medium Resolution Scans

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Low Resolution Scans

My ZX11 & Brett's Fatboy.

Front view of my ZX11.

EX500 & CBR600F2.

EX500 & IROC-Z28.

At the track.

Working on my ZX11.

Myrtle Beach '97 Pictures

Myrtle Beach Page.

Video Captures

A nice ZX11 wheel stand.

A fast, smoky ZX11 launch.

Smoking the rear tire of my ZX11.

Coming at you very quickly on my ZX11.

Janis on my ZX11.

Front view of my ZX11.

Left view of my ZX11.

Right view of my ZX11.

Another right view of my ZX11.

The view my competition sees.

The SS2R.

The result of too many burnouts.

Choose your mount.

The best of both worlds.

Having fun on my old EX500.

Getting ready to launch my EX500 at the track.

Beating Brett's CBR600F2 off the line at the track.

CBR 600F2.

Harley FatBoy FLSTF.

80 Cubic Inches.

Getting ready to ride Brett's Harley FatBoy FLSTF.

Working on the Hog.

1975 Yamaha DT100.

Standing up my DT100.

Les's '78 GS750E.

My Car/Tow Vehicle.

Another shot of my Car/Tow Vehicle.
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