<BGSOUND SRC="audio/sounds.mid"> StartZX.au (99 KB)
Listen to me start my ZX11 and rev it to about 10,000 RPM.

BlastZX.au (212 KB)
Come ride with me as I blast from 0-165 MPH. During this launch my front wheel did not touch the pavement until midway through 2nd gear at about 85MPH. I went through about 3/4 of 6th gear during this run.

FlyByZX.au (57 KB)
Hear for yourself what it sounds like when my ZX11 flies by you. This launch had the rear tire fishtailing down the road in 1st gear. I ran up to 4th gear.

StartDT.au (74 KB)
Listen to me start and rev up my 1975 Yamaha DT100. It's no ZX11, but it will lift the front wheel in 1st and 2nd which makes it fun to ride.

StartHD.au (154 KB)
Listen to me start an American Legend. Its my Brother's 93 Harley Davidson FatBoy FLSTF.

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