Ready to go
Watch me run 12.0 @ 117 MPH in my Corvette Z06.
Running time : 21 Seconds.
(rbartick.mpg - 3649 KB)
Click here to see my time slip.

Watch me run 14.048 @ 98.46 in my old L98 Corvette.
Running time : 43 Seconds.
(race_85.mpg - 2231 KB)
Click here to see my time slip.

Check out my '85 Z51 4+3 Corvette.
Background music by Van Halen.
Running time : 53 Seconds.
(vette_1.mpg - 2643 KB)

Check out a short Corvette burnout.
Running time : 9 Seconds.
(vette_2.mpg - 475 KB)

Check out the cars on my driveway.
You will see my Corvette and my brother's Dodge Viper GTS.
Running time : 6 Seconds.
(cars.mpg - 267 KB)

More MPEG files are coming!.

All MPEG files contain audio and video. Email me if you cannot play them back.

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